Wearing Lashes

  • How long will my Eyelash Extensions last?

    It is important to know that your natural eyelashes will fall out and replace themselves every 60-90 days and a new lash cycle begins, we always have eyelashes in the telogen stage this is why you will notice the shedding of your eyelash extensions.

    The average time for a refill is between 2-4 weeks, however factors such as lifestyle and general after care will affect how long your extensions will last e.g. (heavy makeup, humidity, medication & illness).

  • Will they damage my natural eyelashes?

    If applied correctly, there should be no damage to your natural eyelashes. The adhesive dries very soft on lashes allowing the lashes to stay flexible and most importantly are comfortable to wear. Eyelash extensions will be adhered individually to your natural eyelashes to create a natural or bold look depending on your preference. There is no need to wear mascara! You must not try to remove Eyelash Extensions on your own, always seek a professional eyelash technician.

  • Can Eyelash Extensions be removed?

    Yes, at any time and for any reason they can be removed. Please do not attempt to remove any lashes on your own, always seek a professional lash technician.

    We will not be held liable for any damage that may be caused by trying to remove your eyelash extensions.

  • How do I maintain my Eyelash Extensions?

    To maintain healthy looking eyelashes, brush lashes every day with a mascara wand and treat them with care.

    Do not rub harshly, itch or pick eyelash extensions and avoid oily creams and cleansers around the eye area, as this will weaken the bond of your eyelash extensions.

    Lash U Lashes has specially designed a botanical oil free mascara to be used with eyelash extensions. We strongly recommend that you avoid wearing waterproof mascara.

  • What should I do before my Eyelash Extension appointment?

    Remove all eye makeup with a mild oil-free cleanser.

    Do not put on any mascara, we’d rather spend time working on perfecting your lashes.

    If you are a contact lens wearer, please remove your contact lenses and wear glasses to your appointment. Application will take no longer than 1 and half hours for a Full Set of Eyelash Extensions, causing most of our clients to fall asleep during the treatment.

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